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Art beautifies where nature fails

2022-06-08  Festus Hamalwa

Art beautifies where nature fails

When teacher Petrus Protasius does not teach, he paints to beautify the world.

Also known as Pedro, this full-time commerce teacher at the Evululuko Secondary School in Oshakati started doing visual arts at the age of 12 and now paints pictures to relax his mind.

He also does graphic design and offers art lessons for free to learners interested to learn the craft.

Protasius told Youth Corner that painting and designing play an utmost part in his everyday life to mitigate stress, entertain humanity and, as he puts it, “decorate and shape the world”.

“My designs have tripled my confidence in painting because of the appreciation I get from people. This makes me feel happy and it motivates me to teach others who have the passion for design,” he stated.

Protasius is currently designing cover pages for novels, portraits in all paper and canvas sizes, and is thinking of extending his art to paint murals, “anything that I can paint, just to beautify the world”.

He designed the cover page to the book titled ‘Ombidangolo Ihailyatelwa epwanga’ by author Justus Luuli, and is always proud to see his work in book stores, saying it cheers him up.

Asked where he gets inspiration, Protasius said he is stimulated by the beauty and the majesty of mother nature, combined with his unique imagination of how he views the universe.

When he is not painting, he plays football, basketball, skate, chess, or rides bikes.

“Don’t sleep, go try, go collect that dollar. Utilise that God-given talent and make a living out of it. You need to expose your talent because if you don’t, no one else will,” he urged.

He can be reached on his social media pages: Iam Pedro Tug-dro Protasius on Facebook or Instagram.

2022-06-08  Festus Hamalwa

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