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Feel other people’s needs, desires

2022-04-20  Festus Hamalwa

Feel other people’s needs, desires

Inspired by her favourite author of all time, Danielle Steel, Victoria Haihambo published a captivating novel.

She tells Youth Corner how Steel, who is one of the world’s best-selling authors, took her to an imaginary world that seemed so real. Because of that, Haihambo too aspires to entice readers with her stories. 

Now a tech entrepreneur and published author of the book ‘A Woman’s Persistence’, Haihambo started writing at age 15, prompted by her love for reading. 

She narrates how, during school holidays, she used to take novels with her to the village – and once she completed reading them, she would start writing her own stories.

“The reason why I write fiction books is that it helps people to connect with stories that are similar to their own, or stories of situations that are far from our own but makes us feel other people’s feelings – and by so doing, develop empathy,” she explained.

Her first written piece, read by other people, was a grade 9 essay assignment by her English teacher.

In 2017, she started with her manuscript for her first book ‘A Woman’s Persistence’, and it was published in 2019.

Haihambo is more into fiction writing, although she plans on exploring non-fiction soon, especially in the area of entrepreneurship.

So far, she has written one book, which was well-received by the public – something that makes her happy to continue writing.

“People should read this book (‘A Woman’s Persistence’) because the life journey of Nailoke will serve as a source of encouragement to many, especially those individuals who find themselves in similar circumstances such as gender-based violence, as well as workplace victimisation and school bullying. It will also help other people understand and sympathise with people who experience bullying, GBV and victimisation better,” she stressed.

Haihambo is planning to write more books – and she is currently busy with a manuscript, which she started at the beginning of March. 

She plans to publish it in May this year.

She admitted that writing has not always been easy, but she always finds time in her schedule to write. 

Haihambo said she usually writes at night when it is quiet, as it allows her to think and put ideas together better. 

Her target audience is women and girls because, according to her, they are the ones who mostly face bullying and victimisation. 

However, she reiterated the book is also helpful to men who would like to understand the challenges women face in life. 

“Writing and publishing my book has been my childhood dream, and I am an encouraging any aspired writers out there who would like to become published authors one day to just start writing because by putting your story out there, you are not only embarking on your journey as a writer but you are broadening people’s understanding on various matters.” 

“Story-telling encourages and gives people hope; I strongly believe that issues affecting the society should be put in writing via storytelling,” she stated. 

Haihambo is based in Okahao and can be found on Facebook and Instagram.


2022-04-20  Festus Hamalwa

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