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Forex trader fights for bail

2022-08-04  Roland Routh

Forex trader fights for bail

Roland Routh

Social media influencer and foreign currency trader Brownson Lukas, also known as ‘John Wick CEO’, who is being accused of assaulting two of his girlfriends, is applying in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court to be released on bail.

He is facing a charge of common assault and malicious damage to property in relation to his current case in addition to a charge of assault and malicious damage to property in his pending case.

The State and the complainant in the current matter are opposing bail. 

The complainant, Dr Josephine Amesho, is opposing bail out of fear he will fulfil the threats he made against her during the altercation on 16 June that led to his second arrest. 

He was released on bail of N$15 000 after he allegedly broke down the door of his former girlfriend on 23 January and assaulted her with pieces of the broken door.

Amesho testified during the bail hearing that Lukas pushed her against her bed while threatening that he will f#$%K her up like he did with his former girlfriend.

She further said this was not the only incident of violence towards her, and that she forgave him for his previous incidents – but this time, he laid his hands on her and she could not let it go. 

The State is opposing bail on the strength of its case against him, the fear of re-offending and the interest of society. 

Lukas denied any wrongdoing in the latest incident and said that it was just a misunderstanding between him and Amesho because he came to her place late and under the influence of alcohol. 

He is represented by Vernon Lutibezi in his bail application and the prosecution by Naomi Cannife. 

Magistrate Jozanne Klazen is the presiding officer.


2022-08-04  Roland Routh

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