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Geingob: SPYL has crucial future role

2022-05-03  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

Geingob: SPYL has crucial future role

President Hage Geingob has urged young Swapo cadres to fight tribalism, sexism, racism and xenophobia, and to bring all Namibian youth together.

Geingob made this call on Saturday while officiating at the party’s youth wing’s fourth ordinary central committee meeting in Windhoek. 

The meeting saw Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) secretary Ephraim Nekongo and his deputy Kasiku Hainsaka-Sikongo declared sole candidates for their respective positions. 

The SPYL constitution states that the party secretary shall not be older than 45 years of age.

The meeting also resolved to host the second Swapo Party Pioneers Movement (SPPM) congress 2022 during the school holiday in June, while the seventh SPYL Congress 2022 is slated to take place from 17 to 20 August 2022.

“As a vibrant and effective youth wing, if you are committed to ensuring that Swapo brings shared prosperity and economic emancipation to Namibia, you must guard against the ills of tribalism, sexism, racism and xenophobia, and unite all young people in Namibia in pursuit of our national aspirations,” Geingob said.

He noted that the Swapo youth should fight against injustice in all its forms because that is the true essence of a revolutionary. 

As youth, SPYL will have a crucial role to play in determining the future of Swapo – and it is expected the youth league will ensure that whichever direction the party takes with regards to leadership, it will be a direction that is guided by a clear vision towards the attainment of economic emancipation, national and party unity, social harmony, and long-lasting peace and stability, Geingob added.

He said SPYL must realise the future of Namibia and its destiny rests with all of them, and to depend on every effort each one of them makes. 

“You, our young cadres, should be at the forefront of reshaping our country because you are the most active and vital force in our society. Indeed, the hopes and the future of Namibia lie in your hands, the young generation.”

SPYL should furthermore spearhead the revolutionary programmes outlined in the party’s election manifesto – that they should exude the vitality, enthusiasm and energy needed to ensure the party will achieve absolute victory in the second phase of the struggle – economic emancipation.  

Geingob also reminded the group that much is expected from them. 

“The attainment of economic emancipation, which in turn will alleviate the burden of high youth unemployment, cannot be achieved through mere rhetoric, but only through meticulous planning, effective strategy and constant hard work. Therefore, the second struggle for the economic emancipation of all Namibians must become your primary pre-occupation, and not internal squabbles of tribe and race, which will never contribute any value to the wellbeing of the Namibian people,” said

He went on to explain that the youth league has always been a vehicle through which young revolutionaries are groomed. 

“This is where the young people’s political teeth are sharpened,” he added.

He urged the young cadres to defend the cause, programmes and policies of the party on all platforms, adding that revolutionary cadres do not abandon their party or its leadership, or denounce them on social media at the first sign of trouble.

“They stand firm in unity and fight back, defending the ideology of their party. We can differ among ourselves on principles or personalities. But after the debate, when the party has declared itself on any issue, such as who the leadership should be, then we close ranks, present a united front to the world and support the party line. That is what we call being a tried and tested and well-disciplined party cadre,” he

 “If you all unite for the common goal, uphold justice, work in harmony, help each other, conduct consultations as equals and commit to openness and innovation, then our party will be able to steer clear of strife and build a united front in pursuit of peaceful development and harmony, as well as victory in 2024 and beyond,” Geingob continued.

2022-05-03  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

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