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Geingob tells defence to do more with less

2021-06-04  Obrien Simasiku

Geingob tells defence to do more with less

The Namibian Defence Force (NDF) has been told by its Commander-in-Chief President Hage Geingob to do more with less while maintaining innovations in its resolve to fulfil its roles of protecting the integrity of the country.

Geingob said this as he made reference to the N$5.4 billion budget of the defence ministry for the financial year 2021/22, stating that the nation is sailing in turbulent waters due to Covid-19; however, the aim is to upgrade and continue strengthening security.

He, therefore, advised the NDF to be smart and goal-oriented despite limited funds, and to further transform the army into a truly representative institution with the national ethos of inclusivity, unity, freedom and patriotism.

“Although this may not be ideal, we are all aware that in these times, nothing is ideal. However, we are required to do more with less and become innovative in our endeavours to fulfil our roles. I am, therefore, pleased to note that the NDF continues to carry out its mandate optimally without compromising the integrity of our national security, despite limited resources,” stressed Geingob, in a statement read on his behalf by Vice President Nangolo Mbumba at Grootfontein, where the force celebrated 31 years of existence on Wednesday. 

The event was celebrated under the theme: ‘Conquering challenges, Harnessing Readiness’. 

“We are all aware that the era which witnessed the formation of the Namibian Defence Force is a far cry from the era in which we find ourselves today. The end of the bipolar world, coupled with the simultaneous rise of developing nations and edging towards unilateralism by some state actors, is negatively impacting on the international consensus of world peace,” stated Geingob.

He further said the nation is witnessing increased regional conflicts, whose nature, character and tone are different from conventional warfare, thereby posing new challenges to conventional armies. 

“For this reason, armed forces around the world are undergoing series of profound shifts in their core roles,” he added.  

In the same vein, Geingob told foreign defence attachés to seize the opportunity and create links to make sure the army is well informed to be able to identify and eliminate timely any threat to the safety and security of the country.

In addition, President Geingob said as per the responsibility that is bestowed upon NDF as the custodian of Namibia’s independence, it is expected that soldiers demonstrate the highest standards of professional behaviour and discipline at all times. 

Geingob further told soldiers he does not want to hear of ill-discipline, mistreatment of civilians and unpatriotic behaviour.

“When such ills are identified, the defence force high command must promptly ensure it is dealt with swiftly and thoroughly,” emphasised the head of state. 


2021-06-04  Obrien Simasiku

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