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Governor warns against fake virus results

2021-01-13  John Muyamba

Governor warns against fake virus results
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Zambezi governor Lawrence Sampofu said citizens should not spoil efforts made by the government to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the country. 

According to the governor, every citizen has a moral responsibility to assist the authorities in containing the deadly pandemic. The governor further condemned actions of a local business, which allegedly printed fake Covid-19 laboratory test reports. 
The culprits, two Zimbabwean nationals, were arrested on Saturday by the police in Katima Mulilo. 

The two operate a printing shop in Katima Mulilo. A third suspect, who works at the local state hospital, is yet to be arrested. They were charged for contravening the Public and Environmental Health Act, Act /2015.

 General Regulation sec 28(1)(b)(c) 28 and the Immigration Control Act, Act 7/1993. “It is so alarming to hear such things happening, people are not serious, we are talking about Covid-19 a very serious pandemic and some people are trying to capitalise on it, it is really a shameful thing and I condemn it in strongest terms,” Sampofu said in a brief interview with New Era. 
“People should understand that this pandemic is very serious and all of us should assist or participate in the fight against Covid-19. We want to inform our people not to tamper with such information, all of us should conform with the protocols of the ministry of health concerning Covid-19,” he said. 

Sampofu appealed to Zambezi residents to report those involved in such similar illegal acts. “We really appeal to our people to do away with such activity, be it a Zimbabwean or Namibian, we really want everything to go well in this fight against the pandemic,” he said. “The very shameful thing is to sell false information, you never know those drivers and travellers who use such information to travel might have Covid-19 and they will spread it wherever they are travelling to, it will be a chain of people spreading it, it›s really dangerous,” he noted. 

 According to the police in Zambezi, the two men were suspected to have been supplying people with fake test results for travelling purposes. “It was also discovered that the suspects are operating a printing shop in Namibia without valid work permits,” said the police report.
 By yesterday, the Zambezi region had recorded 33 hospitalised confirmed cases, with one case in the intensive care unit. Ten Covid-19 positive cases were also reported yesterday. 

2021-01-13  John Muyamba

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