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Katima CEO accused of assaulting activist

2021-05-14  Obrien Simasiku

Katima CEO accused of assaulting activist

Katima Mulilo Town Council CEO Raphael Liswaniso has labelled an Affirmative Repositioning (AR) activist, whom he is accused of assaulting, insane and troublesome. 

Liswaniso allegedly assaulted Mukendwa Simasiku at the
town this week.  He, however, denies assaulting the victim, but claims he tried to advise Simasiku to leave the office after their meeting turned sour and ugly. He said Simasiku became arrogant and started hurling insults, and
was only moved out of the office with the help of his associate who convinced him to leave. The alleged assault incident happened on Tuesday morning at the town council’s offices, where the activist arrived to demand tender documents of the Green Valley township development, as well as other public-private partnership agreements.  

The Zambezi region’s police inspector for community
affairs, Kisco Sitali, told New Era that a case of common assault, CRO 70/05/2021, was opened against the CEO. “The complainant alleges that he was grabbed by the neck by Liswaniso, and during the scuffle, the activist’s shirt was allegedly torn. No one has been arrested yet,” said Sitali.

AR Zambezi’s spokesperson Mwemba Mwemba told New Era on Tuesday that Simasiku, who was in the company of others, went to the town council to request some documents, and also to ask whether they were permitted to take visiting minister of urban and rural development Erastus Uutoni around the suburbs.  

“When they approached
the office of the acting CEO Mr Mapenzi, they found Liswaniso, who started using derogatory words towards Simasiku such as ‘you crocodile, what are you coming to do here? I will not allow any crocodiles to enter these premises’. 

The other associates then decided not to go into the meeting without Simasiku. It is alleged the CEO had a change of heart, and allowed them in,” narrated Mwemba. In the meeting, an avalanche of insults were hurled. The CEO then allegedly attacked the activist by punching and grabbing him by the neck. Liswaniso vehemently denied assaulting the alleged victim, saying he only tried to advise him to leave the office after things went sideways. “The guy is insane and a troublemaker looking for any slight issue so he can strike. He has been too much on my persona, mocking and threatening me and all council employees. He is often heard telling people that if anyone touches him, he will open a criminal case so that council could pay him,” charged the CEO. “He terrorises council officials. He goes to offices demanding information, and when employees respond, he insults and threatens them with unknown action. 

That very day, we called the police, but when they arrived, he had already vanished. Even the case he opened was to only cover his dirty tracks,” Liswaniso said, adding that they are now
looking forward to getting a restraining order.  Furthermore, Simasiku allegedly has a pending police case against him in which he threatened to harm the town’s mayor.  “I never assaulted him. 

In fact, he wanted to harm us. He banged tables, shouted and insulted us,” continued  Liswaniso.  

AR says they will wait for the mayor and councillors to see what actions they will take against the CEO for allegedly assaulting a stakeholder. Failure to do so, they will take drastic measures, they threatened.

2021-05-14  Obrien Simasiku

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