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Learning through gaming

2022-03-02  Aletta Shikololo

Learning through gaming

Aletta Shikololo

By associating fun and engagement with education, Brite7, an educational academy, has created a tool to help make learning a positive experience through gaming.

Programmed for learners in grades 4 to 7, Brite7 supplements the revised Namibian school curriculum and it has two versions: online and physical board games. Brite7 is aimed at developing persistence, enhancing creativity and developing logical thinking among children.

Speaking to Youth Corner, Brite7’s executive human resources officer Caroline Kondombo said the programme also helps children develop problem-solving skills. “We are trying to deviate from the old traditional way of studying to a more fun and integrative system,” she added.

Last week, the academy launched the online version, and also hosted a gaming tournament for learners from schools around Windhoek.

Five schools, including the Namutoni Primary School, Academia Secondary School, Tobias Hainyeko Primary School, MH Greeff Primary School and Amazing Kids Private School took part in the tournament, where they played against each other using the Brite7 gaming platform.

“The initiative is to bring our platform closer to schools, and also to reward learners. We are trying to take our platform out there and hopefully roll out to other regions, and increase the number of participants per school,” said content supervisor Jeremia Indongo.

The academy plans to host these tournaments every school term, and get more schools and learners on board.

Amazing Kids Private School scooped the first prize, followed by MH Greeff Primary School and Academia Secondary School.

The winners walked away with cash prizes, medals, certificates, a trophy and hand sanitisers.


2022-03-02  Aletta Shikololo

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