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Man hacks grandmother to death 

2021-01-21  John Muyamba

Man hacks grandmother to death 
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KAGUNI – An 80-year-old pensioner has died after she was hacked with an axe allegedly by her 28-year-old grandson at Kaguni village in Kavango West on Tuesday evening. 
The victim was identified as Antonia Sikerete. 
The suspect was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and drugs. 

Kaguni headman Kassian Hamutenya described the suspect as a troublemaker. 
“The young man’s head is not straight; he is using drugs – he is troublesome. He recently went to fight at the mother’s homestead and he, at some point, also broke his late grandmothers arm in 2019 when he attacked her,” the headman said. 

The suspect allegedly used an axe to hack the victim, leading to her instant death.  “After a while, he got to my homestead, carrying the axe that he used in the act, and he told me that he had killed his grandmother with it – and he said I should call the police, and that he is not running away,” the headman said. 

“We gave him a seat and he asked for a pen and paper to write his confession on what happened, then I walked out to call the police, who were not far away. They came to arrest him but we did not get a chance to read what he wrote, as the police took away the note.” 
According to the headman, when he went to the homestead of the late pensioner, he was informed the suspect allegedly got home in a drunken state and confronted his grandmother, including first threatening to kill her.

“According to the source, the deceased’s elder brother, who is blind and disabled, he heard the suspect allegedly accused the grandmother that she has been chasing him to move out of the homestead and that she always says he is not a well-behaved person, and that he is useless. The blind old man just heard a blow and the young man stormed out of the homestead,” the headman narrated. 
The headman said Kaguni village, along with nearby villages, have an issue with drugs and they have tried to engage the police but nothing much has been done. 

In November last year, a 14-year-old boy stabbed another teenager to death. 
It was alleged, at the time, the suspect stabbed the 15-year-old boy once with a traditional knife in the middle of the chest; as a result, the victim died on his way to the hospital. 
The victim was a grade 8 learner and the suspect is in grade 5 at the same school. - 

2021-01-21  John Muyamba

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