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Man loses sleep over witchcraft claims

2022-04-20  Festus Hamalwa

Man loses sleep over witchcraft claims

A resident of the Oukongo location in Eenhana is accused of bewitching locals after he confronted a neighbour who killed a monitor lizard.

Abner Aron (57) said he was accused by residents of owning a monitor lizard, which has caused havoc in and around their houses.

He said people took videos of him and circulated them on social media for allegedly being a wizard.

Two weeks ago, there was a monitor lizard that was wearing a traditional necklace, and it was killed at his neighbour’s house. 

His neighbours suspected it might belong to him, as he confronted the people after they killed it. When
New Era visited the location on Thursday last week, Aron said he went to question the man who killed the monitor lizard because it has done nothing to people, and it has been in their location for so long.

“I asked him why he killed an innocent monitor lizard, and I also started joking that it belongs to me but the people took it seriously, and started calling me a wizard,” he said.

He stressed the people are now scared of him, while others do not even want to speak to him for allegedly practising witchcraft.

“I don’t sleep well since I have been accused; it is not good to accuse someone of being a wizard. I am not even free to go out in public because the moment people see me, they whisper that I am the biggest wizard in our location,” he explained. 

Aron further emphasised he asked the people to go check in his shack whether they will find more monitor lizards, since they suspect him of keeping some in his house.

“I wish I had money to take them to court and sue them because they are dirtying my name for unnecessary things. I am, therefore, calling the ministry of justice to get involved and assist me to sue those who have accused me because I know them,” he stated.

Aron added he would also consult the office of Oukwanyama Traditional Authority for further assistance.

Also speaking to New Era, Toivo Nghitotelwa, who killed the lizard in his yard, said while taking a shower, he heard his neighbour calling him, saying there is a lizard climbing through the window of his house.

He said he immediately decided to beat it and kill it because he was scared and shocked to see the strange creature climbing through the window of his house.

“Eventually, after I killed it, Aron came to confront me about why I killed his son (the lizard)”, and started threatening me that I would also die in the same way I killed his pet,” he explained.

Nghitotelwa said Aron started insulting him for killing his pet, and he eventually recorded a video that is being circulated on social media.

Also speaking to New Era, some residents of the Oukongo location in Eenhana told this reporter they have been disturbed by this lizard, which has been climbing on top of their houses, eating their chickens’ eggs and also going into their houses looking for food in the pots.

“We are grateful for the man who killed that lizard because we no longer live in fear of this pet,” they told this publication.

Also speaking to New Era, the headman of Eenhana district Efraim Weyulu Hamalwa said every person has the right to consult the community court whenever they are being accused of witchcraft. 

Hamalwa said the accused person should contact his office for further investigation into the matter.

“People should stop accusing others if they don’t have the right information. Let’s stop spreading rumours with the intention of dirtying people’s names in public because it is very wrong to call someone a witch/wizard while you are not sure of it,” he urged.


2022-04-20  Festus Hamalwa

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