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Mbango’s bid to return as Omuthiya CEO fails

2021-05-19  Obrien Simasiku

Mbango’s bid to return as Omuthiya CEO fails

OMUTHIYA - The former CEO of the Omuthiya Town Council, Samuel Mbango, has failed in his bid to return to the position. 

Mbango’s legal battle started after he was informed on 10 June 2019 that his contract was not going to be renewed when it lapsed at the end of August that year. To this, he argued that it was a breach of his employment contract, which required a three-months notice period. He also argued that council had unfairly dismissed him as he was not given reasons why his contract could not be renewed.

He, however, only lodged a dispute on 28 August 2020. 

In the arbitration ruling on 15 March 2021, the Labour Commissioner closed the matter, saying he had no jurisdiction to preside over the case as the appellant failed to lodge his dispute within the required 12-month timeframe. The capital of the Oshikoto region has since advertised the position after two years without a substantive head. 

Contacted for comment yesterday, Mbango was quick to decline delving into the matter, only saying he was puzzled to see the post being advertised. 

“I will not comment further. I don’t know what happened; I was surprised too,” he stated. 

“The two parties first had a conciliation in the labour court, but they failed to reach consensus. That is when the matter was referred for arbitration after the former pushed further. He, however, didn’t do it within the required timeframe as stipulated by the labour laws,” said  the Omuthiya Town Council’s human resources manager, Jason Erickson.

Prior to advertising, Erickson said council had to observe the 30-day appeal period before they proceeded. 

“After 30 days, there was no appeal, which was an indication to us that all parties abide by the ruling. That is why we have advertised the position,” he reiterated. 

Mbango left two years ago with a bang when he opened a can of worms about alleged irregularities, corruption and maladministration levelled against his former bosses, the local authority councillors.

2021-05-19  Obrien Simasiku

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