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NaTIS brings services closer to Otavi residents

2023-10-10  Albertina Nakale

NaTIS brings services closer to Otavi residents

KATIMA MULILO - The residents of Otavi and surrounding areas can now breathe a sigh of relief following the Roads Authority’s decision to bring the much-needed NaTIS services to the town.

The residents of Otavi had for years been travelling to other towns to access these services.

The RA inaugurated the NaTis learner licence testing and driving licence renewal centre at the town on 28 September 2023.

In the past, Otavi residents travelled to Tsumeb, Otjiwarongo or Grootfontein to access NaTIS services such as vehicle registration and licensing; roadworthy testing; driver testing and licensing; application for personalised and specific numbers; and application for temporary and special permits, which has been a very costly exercise to undertake.

This has now become a thing of the past as NaTIS has brought these services to the residents at the town, which many welcomed.

Otavi mayor Isaac !Hoaeb expressed gratitude that residents and people in the constituency will no longer have to travel to other towns for the services.

“This addition to this office will bring much-needed NaTIS services closer to Otavians, and the entire Otavi constituency. The office will have an enormous impact on the people in the area, and it was indeed another achievement that the leadership, together with the Roads Authority, can be proud of. As we took office and entered a social contract with the electorate as newly-elected councillors, we promised to bring essential services closer to the masses, and we are delivering on the promises made,” he noted.

He added that council has made significant practical strides in taking services closer to the people to eventually ensure effective and efficient service delivery.

Among such services are the completion of the Motor-Vehicle Accident (MVA) fund office, extension of the oxidation pond, informal settlement upgrade, roads infrastructure, electrification of informal settlements, as well as the launch of the cleaning campaigns at the town. 

The mayor encouraged especially the youth to obtain learner’s licences and eventually driving licences to become legal drivers on the road.

“No Otavian should be a passive observer, sitting on the pavilion watching team Otavi play. Find your position in the team, there are different committees under the Otavi dream where Otavians can contribute, based on their skills and expertise,” he stressed.

He likewise called on the people of Otavi to hold hands as they develop the town together.

2023-10-10  Albertina Nakale

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