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Oshikoto CRO aims to reduce waste

2021-06-29  Obrien Simasiku

Oshikoto CRO aims to reduce waste

OMUTHIYA - The Oshikoto Regional Council is on the drive to maximise revenue by reducing waste of limited resources and uplifting employee morale as well as creating a healthy work environment.

Chief regional officer (CRO) Christella Mwenyo said this could only become possible by enhancing communication channels with stakeholders and enforcement of institutional policies. 

“[The] key area of my focus is management of council assets and resources.  We aim to increase revenue collection and minimise wastage of government resources, by implementing strict controls and measures in place and should be adhered to at all times. I shall make sure to hold people accountable for their actions and nothing should go unnoticed,” said the CRO who has been at the helm of the entity for nearly three month. 

“Another area of importance is compliance to the laid down policies and frameworks.  Government has the best policies in place; however, what is lacking is the compliance aspect. I would, therefore, focus on enforcing what the procedures and regulations stipulate, and ensuring that council adheres to it at all times. Another aspect is consistency in decision making,” she added as she unpacked a number of issues in an interview with New Era. 

Mwenyo said her first month in office has been hectic, as she had to hit the ground running by grasping to everything so that service delivery and implementation of developmental projects can continue unhindered and timely. 


“The position of the CRO is a five year term contract; I would say I am lucky in the sense that I have joined the council in the final year of the current strategic plan, which runs from 2017 to March 2022.  Meaning that I will completely be part and parcel of the development of the new strategic plan for the next five years, which will then run concurrently with my term of office.  That should allow me, as the accounting officer, to have influence and focus on areas that I deem important but that is within the mandate of council. The focus of the strategic plan should be based on critical needs and key priority areas of the region,” said Mwenyo.

Forming a team that works towards a common goal and creating an enabling working environment, where staff members are valued, motivated and appreciated, is on top of her priority list.  

“Happy staff are high performers; therefore, I will place much importance in enabling staff members to perform to the best of their abilities. Enhancing and strengthening teamwork will be of essence. Linked to this is, of course, the issue of capacitating staff to ensure they perform,” she added.

Limited resources, especially financial; Covid-19; vastness of the region; poor road conditions; inadequate infrastructure development; lack of social services as well as poor proper stakeholder coordination are some of the challenges the CRO highlighted and vowed to tackle them head-on with the little at council disposal. 

“With the right mindsets, the right people, the right priorities and maximising on the available limited resources, we should be able to get the work done. It is certainly time for us, as government officials, to walk the talk,” vowed Mwenyo.


2021-06-29  Obrien Simasiku

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