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Parliament bubbles over after PAP triumph

2022-07-06  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

Parliament bubbles over after PAP triumph

Parliamentary delegates to the Pan-African Parliament, led by deputy speaker Loide Kasingo, have congratulated Zimbabwean senator and president of the Zimbabwe Council of Chiefs, Fortune Charumbira, on his election as PAP president.

Addressing the media yesterday, Kasingo expressed their joy and pride at Charumbira’s victory, and said they would see to it that the plans he had promised to carry out during his campaign were executed.

He emerged victorious following a protracted battle over the “principle of geographical rotation”, which resulted in the abrupt stopping of the PAP’s 4th Ordinary Session in June last year. 

The African Union Commission had to intervene and suspend the session as it descended into chaos over that disagreement.

“Voting was in an orderly manner and in fact beamed across the globe this time around, validating the point of one Africa, one voice. There were no losers, there were only winners, who accepted their position with grace and dignity. 

“Honourable Charumbira’s election deserves to be treated as a victory, not just for the Southern Regional Caucus, but for the entire continent,” Kasingo stated.

She said parliament will ensure that sufficient support is given to the elected bureau in terms of the prevalence of democracy, unity and inclusiveness for all Africans.

“We impress upon Charumbira to lead the Pan-African Parliament in a way that showcases his vast experience, and in the interest of all Africans and the developing world,” she added.

In fact, the Bureau of the Pan-African Parliament ensured after being elected that all elections of leaderships in different committees implement the principle of rotation.

Kasingo led the parliamentary delegation, which included the leader of the official opposition Popular Democratic Movement (PDM)’s parliamentarian McHenry Venaani, Swapo MP Hamunyera Hambyuka, Landless People’s Movement (LPM) leader and MP Bernadus Swartbooi as well as Swapo parliamentarian Gerhard

She serves on the PAP committee on cooperation, international relations and conflict resolution, while Venaani serves on the committee on trade, customs and immigration matters. Hambyuka serves on the committee on transport, industry, communications, energy, science and technology.

Swartbooi is a member of the rules, privileges and discipline committee, while Shiimi is a member of the rural economy, agriculture, natural resources and environment committee.

2022-07-06  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

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