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Popya with Taula Hainghumbi - We care about our farmers 

2021-08-18  Festus Hamalwa

Popya with Taula Hainghumbi - We care about our farmers 

Festus Hamalwa

With agriculture being the future, Pandu-Henny Agricultural Solutions was founded in July 2021 by Hofni David (24), Taula Hainghumbi (24) and Panduleni Nghitila (23). David is a public management practitioner with immense love for transforming communities through creative skills and serves as the operations manager, while Hainghumbi is a teacher by profession and is passionate about leaving a mark in the lives of those he interacts with. Nghitila is a chartered accountant.

Pandu-Henny Agricultural Solutions serves as a subsidiary of Pandu-Henny Investments cc, which was incorporated in July 2020.  In an interview with the Youth Corner, Hainghumbi said the agricultural branch of the parent company was embarked upon after noticing the fast pace at which the agricultural sector is growing as well as the reality of agriculture being the future. 

He said currently, their business prints customised animal ear tags bearing the owner’s name and contact details as well as location. This helps in the tracking and location of livestock. A member of the community who runs into a lost animal can readily contact the owner to notify them of their animal’s location. 

Hainghumbi said the business was established to meet farmers halfway by providing them with quality solutions to their everyday conundrums, with special emphasis on livestock management. 

“The reception from the community has been tremendously exceptional. Farmers no longer need to pay exorbitant fees to announce their missing animals or waste time following animal treks in an attempt to find missing animals, and this is exactly what the business intends to do – simplify farming and make it fashionable,” he explained.

Hainghumbi stressed that in the next few months, the company will launch magnetic ear tags, which will enable farmers to actively track their animal movements within a radius of 50km, using their cell phones or computers.

Very soon, veterinary medicine will also be available at very affordable prices as well as many other agricultural related utensils, he noted.  They are currently based in Ondangwa, near the Punyu complex, which is right next to the B1 road in the central business district.  Hainghumbi said they believe this will be the first of many ventures together and they look forward to adding more services and employees to simplify life for the general public through the development of innovative solutions that work.

“Life is a journey, do not give up and let’s invest accordingly instead of being depended on a single salary,” he advised. They can be reached on Instagram as henny_agricultural_solutions and Facebook as henny ear tags.


2021-08-18  Festus Hamalwa

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