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Purpose, passion and photography

2021-05-12  Festus Hamalwa

Purpose, passion and photography

Hailonga Purpose Nicodemus is a passionate photographer, video editor and graphic designer, who loves his job despite the challenges he is going through.

“Nothing comes easy in life; just go through challenges to gain power,” he told Youth Corner.

Nicodemus became a photographer at the age of 19 while he was in high school and now owns a photo studio in Oshakati.

“I feel honoured to become one of the best photographers in the north. Being the best photographer makes me feel proud, and I continue to work very hard – and to make sure I am giving excellent services to my clients,” said Nicodemus when asked how he feels about being a photographer. 

Nicodemus said he is perfecting his video editing and graphic design skills every day since he took up multi-media three years ago and believes he has put in the work to ensure his business continues doing well.

The 22-year-old said he will remain optimistic to ensure his photo studio remains operational for many years,
since some photo studios do nt remain open for long.

“I have a dream to open a training centre where I will be training youth on video editing, photography, graphic design and so on. I believe this will benefit many youths in the society,” he noted.

Nicodemus said many people inspired him when he started his photo studio, adding that he will this year work harder to ensure he makes more money to help orphans and other vulnerable children in his community.

“To my fellow youth out there, be determined and work hard towards your future. Have faith; do not let people’s opinions discourage you about your current situation,” he advised.




Capturing memories Hailonga 

Purpose Nicodemus with his favourite ‘toy’ – his camera.

Photo Contributed

2021-05-12  Festus Hamalwa

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