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Road caves in due to heavy rains

2021-02-12  John Muyamba

Road caves in due to heavy rains
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John Muyamba

RUNDU – The heavy yet welcomed rain, which brought much relief to Rundu, caused a road cave-in at Tutungeni, forcing motorists to use alternative routes. 

Most of the roads at the Kavango East town suffered substantial damage following Wednesday’s downpour. The caved-in road was eroded by the heavy rainwater that was flowing from the south towards the northern direction, where there is a floodplain that connects the town to the Kavango River. 

The damaged road is at the high edge of the floodplain. A part of a residential boundary wall belonging to former Rundu CEO Romanus Haironga was also washed away. 

“We are currently in a meeting discussing the issue on that particular road and other roads that have been damaged due to rain,” said Benjamin Makayi, town council’s spokesperson. 

Makayi urged residents – both pedestrians and motorists – to make use of alternative roads until all the damaged roads have been restored. 

Residents of Rundu are distressed by the heavily potholed roads at the town. “It is a natural disaster which can’t be prevented; however, we are trying our best to see how we are going to restore these roads. 

We are looking into it. It was unexpected; we are also busy informing residents on the current situation regarding damaged roads,” Makayi said.


2021-02-12  John Muyamba

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