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Rope in youth to service land - Nganate

2021-08-02  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

Rope in youth to service land - Nganate

Omaheke governor Pijoo Nganate has advised the region’s local authorities to stop selling unserviced land to developers for housing. 

In his state of the region address at Gobabis on Friday, Nganate said the region boasts youth who have the skills, knowledge and competencies to service land. 

Therefore, he said, local and regional councils must capacitate these young people to service their own land.

“This will drastically reduce the cost of land,” he stressed. 

He said other options that could be used is for councils to cease the outright sale of land to developers for housing and to focus on getting involved in servicing land, control prices and deliver cheaper plots to residents.

“Additionally, the focus should be shifted towards growing the economy of Gobabis by encouraging and giving incentives to more investors who will create employment for the residents of Gobabis and Omaheke region at large,” he said. 

He said during the current financial year, the regional council was allocated an amount of N$2.5 million by the urban and rural development ministry for the Build Together Programme, which was to benefit 32 beneficiaries in Gobabis. However, he said it is disappointing that up until now, no single house was built by the municipality or by the regional council. 

“I repeat that our people must enjoy their basic rights and God given benefits in their localities and region and by extension their motherland,” he said.

“Their cries are not too far-fetched as they plead amongst others, for shelter, a mere basic. Local authorities, how long can we continue to report on “plans” whilst no actual houses are constructed, and no actual erven are allocated to the people?”

“I am confident that we can do better, it is time to introspect and implement. Last year, I said that too much land is allocated to developers yet the people are still without land. I am still of the opinion that councils must recognise that the current model of servicing land perpetuates inequality and does not address the core issue of land delivery.”


2021-08-02  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

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