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Suspension of Gobabis councillor ‘unlawful’ 

2022-04-27  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

Suspension of Gobabis councillor ‘unlawful’ 

Urban and rural development executive director Nghidinua Daniel says the suspension of a Swapo councillor serving on the Gobabis local authority is unlawful. 

Nonna Goreses, who is also a deputy mayor at the town, should be allowed to attend and participate in council meetings, Daniel ordered.  

Daniel’s instruction follows advice sought by Gobabis CEO Angeline Steenkamp from the line ministry on the authority responsible for the authentication of the validity of the suspension of Goreses by the Swapo party’s Gobabis district executive committee. 

Swapo’s Gobabis district coordinator Liberius Kalili late last year accused Goreses of insubordination and suspended her from partaking in council activities with immediate effect. 

He said, the decision to suspend her was taken by the district executive. 

Daniel, responding to Steenkamp, said the amended Local Authorities act of 1992 does not make provision for the suspension of a member of a local authority council but only for withdrawal. 

Therefore, on that basis, he said Goreses is still a councillor, so he can attend and participate in council meetings.  

He also referred Steenkamp to the ministry circular, dated 20 February 2020, which gives guidance to all political parties on the withdrawal of councillors. 

According to the circular, to ensure authenticity and credibility of the decision to withdraw a member of the local authority council by the political party or association that nominate a councillor to the council, such withdrawal should be communicated to the line minister by the party or association secretary general or administrative head. 

Based on that, the circular read the ministry will not cause the publication of the notice of vacancy in the government gazette until the correct procedures are followed. 

Goreses recently refused to vacate office, saying the Swapo party’s Gobabis district executive committee, which recommended her suspension, does not have powers to suspend or recall any member – or those deployed by the party. 

At the time of her suspension, she was only a few days into her new role after having been elected as the town’s deputy mayor.  

“If one looks at the matter at hand, the Gobabis district executive committee does not have powers to suspend nor recall any party member or those deployed by the party. This decision rests entirely with the political bureau. We even had a meeting recently with the SG, and she reconfirmed that even she, herself, does not have the powers to recall or suspend anyone – and that the matter must follow due process and be addressed to the political bureau,” Goreses told New Era at the time.


2022-04-27  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

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