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Swapo, LPM must bury hatchet in //Kharas

2021-03-15  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

Swapo, LPM must bury hatchet in //Kharas

Urban and rural development minister Erastus Uutoni has urged the ruling party, Swapo, and the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) to bury the hatched in the public interest and ensure that there is a functional management committee on the //Kharas Regional Council. 

Uutoni made this humble appeal in parliament on Thursday while responding to LPM’s parliamentarian Henny Seibeb who wanted to know whether the minister is aware that there are two Swapo councillors who have been refusing to join the management council of the regional council. Up until now, the regional council has not completed its nomination for two of the council management committee members – months after the regional council elections in November last year. 

LPM has four councillors on the regional council while Swapo has three. LPM, which has the majority on the council, has sent three of its councillors to the National Council while another was nominated as council chairperson leaving the two vacant positions for Swapo councillors. 

Seibeb is of the opinion that the refusal of Swapo councillors to join the management committee is instigated and promoted by Uutoni in the darkness with Swapo secretary general Sophia Shaningwa in the attempt to make the council ungovernable, an allegation heavy denied by Uutoni in parliament. 

“Councillors are sent by their parties to represent them in that body. 

That process is beyond outside influence of the minister as alleged by Seibeb. We are as a ministry doing all we can to guide as per the Regional Councils Act as well as legal advice as provided for by the attorney general to find an amicable solution to fill the two vacant seats soonest,” Uutoni said.  

Additionally, Uutoni said the process can also be expedited if all parties can cooperate and work together. “If all parties cooperate as a matter of urgency, I strongly believe this process can be completed before the end of March,” said the minister. Last year December, LPM’s Joseph Isaaks was elected as the council chairperson while LPM Karasburg East councillor Vincentina Beukes, Berseba councillor Jeremias Goeieman and Keetmanshoop Rural constituency councillor Gert Witbooi were elected to serve the region in the National Council. Ordinary council members are Swapo’s Karasburg West councillor Taimi Kanyemba, Oranjemund councillor Lazarus Nangolo and !Nami#Nûs councillor Susan Ndjaleka. 


2021-03-15  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

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