• July 6th, 2020

10 000 tippy taps for informal settlers

Rundu informal settlement households will each get a tippy tap from the UNDP-funded program being implemented by a non-profit organisation called Development Workshop Namibia (DW), which will be donating 10 000 tippy taps to promote hygiene through handwashing.
For every tippy tap put up at households, the project will also provide a two-litre container of soap.
“We are from DW and this project is being funded by UNDP, so we are working together with the ministry of health and this is part of the Covid-19 emergency response programme,” said Rudo Mutetwa a DW representative.

The project, which will be assisted by 30 volunteers, is aimed at encouraging people to wash their hands regularly, as we know this is one of the key ways to prevent Covid-19.

 “We are going to go into different informal settlements and will be educating the communities on Covid-19, as well as hygiene and sanitation. In addition to educating our people on hygiene and sanitation, as well as Covid-19, we are also going to put up tippy taps to assist people with handwashing,” Mutetwa said.

“UNDP is not only funding this in Kavango East but it is also funding Kavango West, Zambezi and Erongo region,” she said.
Rundu Urban constituency councillor and vice chairperson on the National Council Victoria Kauma urged inhabitants to welcome the volunteers into their homes without chasing them away, as they are there to educate them on the Covid-19 preventative measures.
“During the 10 weeks that the project will run, they will put up tippy taps around some houses of our 23 informal settlements of Rundu Urban and that will be achieved with the assistance of 30 youth volunteers from different informal settlements around Rundu,” Kauma noted.
“I’m happy that the youth are assisting the country fight Covid-19; this is what we, as leaders, have been asking for: for the youth to come on board. These volunteers assisting in the project are young people from our communities; please allow them to do their job without hindrances. They are going to school us on the hygiene,” she added.

Kauma said her constituency was indeed grateful that DW and UNDP chose Rundu Urban as one of their target places.
“We have different diseases: Hepatitis E is here, so please inform our people when you are around. To the inhabitants, please take care of these tippy taps; make good use of them,” she said. Kauma commended the project as assisting government to fight the Covid-19 pandemic to save lives.
– jmuyamba@nepc.com.na

John Muyamba
2020-07-01 10:39:30 | 5 days ago

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