• August 10th, 2020

108 000 sanitary pads for needy girls in Omaheke

Julia Kamarenga

GOBABIS - Atlantic Catering Services in Omaheke donated 108 000 sanitary pads to needy schoolgirls in the region.

Regional director and operations manager of the company John Nguakapita Kakero said this was done as part of their corporate social responsibility programme.

“We did this in the spirit of regional development and lifestyle improvement, especially that [many] of the learners are in boarding schools,” said Nguakapita.

Nguakapita said the company learned from various sources about the need for sanitary pads for deserving learners, which prompted them to dig deep in their pockets. 

It has become evident that many girls opt not to attend classes when they are on their menses merely because they have no material to remedy themselves.

Receiving the donation, the director of education in the Omaheke Region, Pecka Semba, reiterated the absenteeism of girls when they are on their periods and indicated the donation comes in handy for the needy girl learners.

Semba said some girls bunk school for weeks and some never come back because of their periods, thus affecting their academic progress.

Provision of sanitary pads has of late been the talk of many especially because of the impact felt when one does not have them during the time of need.

Too date  the government makes no provision for sanitary pads to schoolgirls hence the call for stakeholders, businesses and able citizens to emulate the example set by Atlantic Catering Services.

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2019-07-02 09:51:11 | 1 years ago

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