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134 villages without water in Kavango West

2020-07-27  John Muyamba

134 villages without water in Kavango West
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NKURENKURU – Kavango West regional governor Sirkka Ausiku during her state of the region address last Wednesday noted more still needs to be done in Kavango West with regard to the provision of water to all inhabitants in the region, where many are without flushing toilets.
“The region is appealing to the line ministries and other stakeholders to address these challenges,” stated the Kavango West governor.
Ausiku said out of a total of 405 villages, 134 villages are still without drinking water in Kavango West, and this compels villagers to walk for more than 30km to draw water for their homesteads, a situation she wants improved for the upliftment of the affected villagers.

“NSA statistics show 84% of our population is without toilet facilities,” she said.
According to The Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA), 77% of the Kavango West population have access to safe drinking water, whereas 32.1% still have to travel 31km to source water.

“An indication that we still need to do more in terms of water provision to our communities. The region appreciates that the function of Rural Water Supply directorate has now been decentralised to the Kavango West Regional Council,” Ausiku noted. Ausiku further reported that during the period under review, the region managed to drill and install 40 boreholes but the demand for more remains high. “The region has 405 villages, out of which 134 villages are without water. However, the region appreciates government interventions having availed N$15 million during the drought period, and N$3 million during the Covid-19 pandemic for water provision to our communities,” she said. “The region would like to thank all companies that supported our region with donations by drilling boreholes in some of our villages to address water challenges, namely Navachab Mine and W. Metzger Drilling, as well as the Roads Authority that donated 10 boreholes that are being used during the construction of Mpungu/Tsumeb road,” she expressed. She further said Kavango West appeals to the line ministry and Namwater for a permanent solution to the water challenge by constructing water pipelines or a water canal along national roads in the region.

2020-07-27  John Muyamba

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