• July 23rd, 2019
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20 000 Tobias Hainyeko residents need IDs

Loide Jason WINDHOEK - Tobias Hainyeko Constituency in the Khomas Region has offered the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration a building from which to operate in order to resolve the issue of residents who do not have national identity and other documents. Christopher Likuwa, the Constituency councillor for Tobias Hainyeko, said he is alarmed by figures of school children not having documents, hence the community has agreed to offer government that building in order to tackle the pressing issue. “Now we are only waiting for the ministry to secure officials that will be working from that building for free so that they will start delivering the services to our people, especially school children that are now the victims,” said the councillor. Likuwa said what is more disturbing is the fact that the current ministry in the region only helps those who are under six years and not born in Khomas Region, those who are beyond that age and born outside Khomas have to be assisted at their regional offices. “This is disturbing! Some parents came to the city to find better living conditions, not everyone can afford to send their children who are currently attending school here. Therefore, now the figure is high because some people could not afford to travel that far for national documents,” lamented the constituency councillor. Likuwa plans to have a comprehensive meeting with senior home affairs officials so that they will outline the main pressing issues before they begin to deliver the services. The politician said there are 48 000 residents in the constituency, of which 20 000 do not have any national documents such as IDs. “I want them to start and before they start, we will discuss the issues one by one,” said Likuwa.
New Era Reporter
2018-07-10 08:57:17 1 years ago

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