• April 25th, 2019
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20 years imprisonment for gunning down a customer

Maria Amakali WINDHOEK - A security guard was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for having shot a customer to death while on duty at a local bar in Okuryangava, Windhoek, in 2016. Magistrate Ileni Velikoshi on Thursday gave former security guard, Naftali Shaanika (42), direct imprisonment of 20 years. Shaanika was found guilty of murder with direct intent in the Windhoek Regional Court on Wednesday for the murder of Frieda Julien Kahuika. Kahuika died because of a gunshot wound to the chest, according to the post-mortem report. The report further stated that the deceased was shot at close range. According to witnesses who took the stand, Kahuika and her friends were having drinks at a local bar in Katutura on the date in question. Kahuika was allegedly seated next to the bar counter when a certain Andreas slapped her in the face. She allegedly ran out of the bar and locked herself in the toilet located in the yard. The witnesses testified that she opened the toilet door minutes later. While standing in the doorway, Andreas and Shaanika stood in front of her. Allegedly, the witnesses heard Andreas commanding Shaanika to shoot Kahuika. The witnesses allegedly saw Shaanika cocking the firearm and shooting Kahuika in the chest without any warning. It was also revealed that Shaanika cocked the gun for the second time, but he could not shoot again, as one of the bar ladies intervened and took the gun from him. The witnesses stated that there was no argument before the shooting. “The accused loaded a gun, cocked it and shot a defenceless woman. Direct imprisonment will be appropriate as life was taken aimlessly,” said Velikoshi. Shaanika has denied guilt. In his plea explanation, Shaanika did not dispute the fact that he shot the deceased but denied that he had the requisite intention to kill her. He said he accidentally shot her when he tried to fire a warning shot to disperse the crowd. According to Velikoshi, Shaanika presented himself as an incredible when he postulated several possibilities in his defense thus the court rejected his version of events. “I feel bad for what I have done. I did something that was I was not supposed to do. I agree with the court’s conviction and I want to apologise to the family for what I have done,” said Shaanika.
New Era Reporter
2018-04-30 09:18:12 11 months ago

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