• December 2nd, 2020

4x4 Too Much Power’s lead vocalist perishes

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - Kwasa-kwasa/soukous band 4x4 Too Much Power this week lost one of its members Kabeya wa Kabeya Kinoi after a long illness. 

Originally from DRC, the late 32-year-old Kinoi has been living in Namibia for close to 20 years, his band said. 

“He has been in Namibia for about 18 years,” said Sergio Lukengu, who is the founder of the band and its lead guitarist.

The late Kinoi was part of the 4x4 Too Much Power group for 17 years. 
“That guy was the voice of the band. When you hear or say 4x4, you will know it’s Kinoi. He was a powerful voice who used to contribute a lot to the group assignments,” highlighted Lukengu. 
“As a singer, he always contributed to other work in the group. We were 12 members but now we are 11,” said Lukengu.

Messages kept pouring in on social media, with fan Asser Uiseb saying: “Kinoi was a very humble guy, not a man of many words. He will mostly laugh throughout the conversations, he loved singing, a person you will wonder who is this small boy but if he starts singing, you will be wowed by his voice.”
Uiseb was responding to New Era on how close he was with the late Kinoi. 

Uiseb’s favourite aspect about Kinoi was his sense of humour, he said. “There was no dull moment around him,” said the wretched Uiseb. 

He became friends with Kinoi when he joined the group in the early 2000s. “Ever since my friend joined the group, he has collaborated with the likes of many Namibian artists on their albums including Tate Buti’s track “I wanna Fly”, Sunny Boy, Dice, Nakale and many others,” recalled Uiseb. 

Having developed love in the genre Soukous/Kwasa kwasa/Ndombolo, Uiseb’s first encounter with the band was during their rehearsal at Hoko Carwash in Katutura, Gemeente.  

“I became a regular and a number one supporter. I never missed out on any of their rehearsals and performances around Windhoek, now I become part of the 4x4 Too Much Power family that they started referring to me as their manager and number one supporter,” said Uiseb

He said Kinoi has left a huge fissure within the 4x4 Too Much Power band, there will be no one like Kinoi again. “They will surely miss him and we the supporters will miss him too, he was very energetic and full of life. May his soul rest in peace,” Concluded Uiseb.

Kinoi survived by the band, and his three children, two boys and a girl will be buried at Pionierspark Cemetery next week Saturday.

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