• April 1st, 2020

Health officials from Ondanjokwe to visit Osire refugee camp

Paheja Siririka 

WINDHOEK – Officials from the Ministry of Health and Social Services will visit Osire refugee camp this week to bridge the gap of complaints regarding inadequate health care. 

The #BeFreeOsire movement will be held this week at the refugee camp. “The ministry of health and Onandjokwe hospital jumped on board to ensure that we address the issues that were raised by the inhabitants regarding health care,” said Esperance Luvindao, a medical doctor at Onandjokwe hospital. 
With Namibia attempting to ensure that refugees have access to clean water, food and education, there are flaws that have been brought up on social media recently. “These are not an indication of failure but rather an indication of those areas that have room for growth and improvement,” said Luvindao. 
She stated that one of the issues brought up through her personal social media was the issue of inadequate health care in the Osire camp.  

Luvindao said sometimes the immediate response to people that are from other countries is unfriendly and reflects poorly on Namibia as a whole. “Health is a human right. Foreigner or not, all human beings have the right to health care,” she said. 

Luvindao pointed out that Onandjokwe hospital contributed to improved national health and decreased mortality in 2017 as it recorded the lowest maternal mortality rate in the country. “Their willingness to be involved in this initiative speaks of the hospital’s desire to see a better Namibia for all people in need of health care despite their nationality,” she highlighted. 

A medical doctor by profession and a poetess, Luvindao says this work has been cut out for her. “Being involved in humanitarian work has proven to be the most rewarding part of my journey thus far. I sincerely believe in healing and the role each and everyone of us play in ensuring healing in our respective fields,” she passionately said.  

Luvindao said the team has identified groups of inhabitants that have raised various issues regarding the availability of sanitary pads, the standard of English being taught in schools and the lack of skills and training centres. “The aim is to address these matters and give these people hope for a better future,” she said. 

“As a poet, I bring healing through my words. A doctor brings healing through the body. A psychologist brings healing through the soul,” said Luvindao.
Established   in   1992, the Osire refugee camp is situated 110km south-east of Otjiwarongo and 250km north-east of the capital city, Windhoek. 

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