• October 28th, 2020

Suspected shebeen burglar shot dead

OMUTHIYA - A man who is yet to be identified was early morning yesterday shot dead allegedly by a retired police officer at Onanke in the Oshikoto region after he was reportedly caught breaking into several cuca shops at the village. 

“It is alleged the deceased was busy breaking into several cuca shops and one of the owners heard the deceased suspect cutting the zinc in order to gain entry,” said Oshikoto police crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Naomi Katjiua. 
“It is further alleged that the owner of the bar phoned the neighbour, a retired police officer to come and when he arrived, they found the deceased inside one of the cuca shops and came out running. The retired police officer fired a shot which struck the deceased on the back of his head.” 

According to Katjiua, the deceased was rushed to the Onanke clinic where he succumbed to injuries sustained during the shooting. 

In addition, Katjiua said the deceased was found with a bag containing two cellphones, cosmetics, sweets, trousers, a radio and an amount of N$230 that were allegedly stolen from the cuca shops. The items have a combined value of N$15 000. 
The shooting suspect was arrested and is due to appear in court, while police investigations continue. Another murder case was also registered in Tsintsabis after a man was stabbed in the chest with a knife and died as he tried to mediate between two parties who were embroiled in an argument.  

According to Katjiua, it is alleged the deceased Gotlieb Karuswab (31) was earlier drinking with the suspect.  “While at the bar, deceased and suspect (Bernard Haneb) had an argument as he did not pay for the previous bill. They were then separated, and decided to go discuss it further at home. On arrival at home, they continued and the suspect took a knife trying to attack one of the deceased’s friends when the deceased intervened by standing between them, in the process, he was stabbed with a knife on the upper left chest and died instantly,” explained Katjiua. The suspect fled the scene and police are busy tracking his footprints.


Obrien Simasiku
2020-10-08 09:22:43 | 20 days ago

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