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A Day in the life of Paula - The power of choice 

2021-04-01  Staff Reporter

A Day in the life of Paula - The power of choice 
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One of the best definitions for the ‘power of choice’ I have ever read was:

“It means that you can decide where you want to go in life. 

It means that you can choose to do work that matters.

It means that you can, through the choices you make, bring forth your incredible human potential”.


We make choices every single day of our lives. It’s something we’re always doing; from the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep. We choose what to eat, what to wear. We choose who we date, when to get married, who we’re going to marry.

We choose where to live, what to have for dinner, the time to go to bed, what to do for the rest of our lives.

 The number of choices we get to make is endless. I am however cognisant of the fact that we sometimes end up with circumstances because of events entirely out of our control. But for the most part, many of us are very fortunate to have the power of choice. You are in charge of your life, so it basically means every choice you make, no matter what the eventual outcome may be, is because you decided that was what you wanted or had to do.

 Choice is a power that shouldn’t be taken for granted, for without it we are no longer in control of our destiny. If we are not the ones steering our own lives, we are not living for ourselves. No one knows better than us what choices are best for our own lives and happiness. 

 There are so many people around us and the world living without that power. They are not in control because others won’t allow them to live life on their terms; to make their own choices. 

Can you imagine for one moment what that could possibly feel like; not being able to steer your life in your desired direction. 

 If you find yourself hot and bothered by someone else’s life and how they live it, especially when it’s not infringing upon you in any way, ask yourself, ‘why am I so bothered?’ Why are you stressing yourself out? An overwhelming majority of the time we cannot come up with reasonable or logical answers to these questions.

Don’t be that person. Give everyone the same courtesies you expect in return. You can share your views and opinions and even beliefs but you can’t force them on anyone.

 If how your life is completely and entirely up to you, then you have to respect that everyone deserves that right too - The POWER OF CHOICE. - Stop taking away from others, stop giving away yours. 

Paula Christoph’s column concentrates on positive and inspirational write-ups every second Friday in the New Era newspaper.

2021-04-01  Staff Reporter

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