• August 13th, 2020

A love letter to the queens

There was a time I sat at an open mic evening and there was a lady who was reciting a piece to her mother. She spoke about how much her mother means to her and what it means that she is in her life. Although it has been a difficult journey for her and her mother, she has never ceased to show love and care for her. 

With this said, it was Mother’s Day recently and I thought I would write a love letter to the best person to be on our teams. 
Dearest Mother, 
You need to laugh more. More than the usual often that you smile. I wish for you to smile more than the usual times that you frown and definitely more than the usual times that you sob yourself to sleep when we were asleep. Oh, mother dearest, you need to sleep more. Much more than you carry our burdens. More than you carry 20 litres of water to put out fires that you did not start. 

Very much more than the times watapela iithima mongalo, to feed visitors that only pitched up at your show and never your rehearsals. Oh Meme. You need to rest more. More than the times you let out a sigh and had to continue fighting. More than the many distances, you walked trying to calm your thoughts. I need you to smile more than your sacrifices that often go in vain because of a child who adopted the traits of the men for him. Please, mother, love yourself. More than half the love you receive. More than the beatings you receive in the name of love. More than the emotional aame ndekukufa moluhepo phrases you get. More than the, you’d be nothing without me notions you married into. Love yourself beyond the joys of motherhood. 

Yours sincerely, 
Your beloved child 

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2020-05-15 12:04:06 | 2 months ago

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