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A place of worship turns into battleground

2019-08-30  Staff Reporter

A place of worship turns into battleground

   Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- This week Adora Kisting, mononymously known as Adora, released a press statement expressing disappointment over social media posts relating to rumours and defamation of the characters of her parents, Reverend Paul Kisting and Naomi Kisting, at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN). 

Adora spoke to Entertainment Now! through her manager, Ab Pro, who said this is something that is not recent. “The tension between the different factions of church members began in 2013,” he said.
Initially, there were by-elections taking place and rules set in place. 

“Nobody was allowed to defame anyone’s character during the election but along the way, people started attacking Adora’s father’s character and the mother was also targeted,” said Ab. 

He said this is what prompted someone to put a stop to it. “Adora’s mom is also part of the church and this whole ordeal has put her in a bad emotional state. This is something that has been dragging since November last year although the whole infighting dates back to 2013,”  Ab explained.

Voice notes heard by Entertainment Now! perceived to be those of members of the church on a WhatsApp group contemplate on not opening lawsuits within the congregation and have the votes from their recent election nullified.

Team Adora is devastated by the fabricated stories and the constant threats she has been receiving. 
“No one will stand and watch her mother being emotionally abused.  What is more disappointing to the team is that the church is not stopping the infighting,” said Ab.

The tug-of-war has been perpetuated by power struggle or leadership battles that exist within the church and case dockets are currently opened on assault and defamation of character. 
Social media comments were doing the rounds asking whether a person like Adora should be performing in the Erongo or Kunene regions, which are dominated by Damara-speaking people inciting tribalism towards the Namas. 


2019-08-30  Staff Reporter

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