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A professional jumpstart in cosmetology

2021-02-17  Paheja Siririka

A professional jumpstart in cosmetology
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Never in any parents wildest imagination would they expect that their son or daughter's wishes to pursue a career in the beauty industry but things are changing and Emms Beauty Parlour Training Academy will provide vocational training opportunity in the cosmetology industry.
The founder of the academy Emma Shilongo said the conservatory aligns with the concerning high unemployment rate among the Namibian youth and aims to contribute solutions by producing graduates who are equipped with cosmetology and entrepreneurial skills so that they can open businesses and contribute to employment creation.

“Our school aims to begin addressing this left out youth demographic. Few of these vocational schools offer cosmetology training. With the emerging global trends in the cosmetology industry increasing, beauty training is a viable employment opportunity. Although there are many salons throughout the country, most of these are owned and employ beauticians with no certification or professional training,” said Shilongo.
She added: “This results in a lack of trust between these beauticians and their clients and general lack of quality in the work clients receive from these salons. It further shows a clear need for training academies that offer professional certifications to these salon owners and beauticians.”
Emma Shilongo has experience in the field as she has done a certificate in natural hairstyle and has worked in the USA. “We are planning on enrolling students next month,” said Shilongo.

The 31-year-old who has spent five years in the states said there is a niche in the market as far as cosmetology is concerned.
“To ensure excellence, we will have interviews and practical tests as part of the admission process to accommodate those without grade 10 certificates. Further, graduates who are unable to complete a full course will be awarded completion certificates for the specific skills they excel in, even if for example it is just shampooing,” extended Shilongo.

She stated the reason for this approach is to ensure the creation of opportunities for everyone in terms of education. 
“There is a clear lack of training that focuses specifically on natural hair. In recent years, the natural hair movement has gained a lot of traction as such, the curly/coyly hair market has grown significantly as women and men are proudly wearing their hair in its natural state,” believed Shilongo.

She mentioned that previously, natural hair was not the standard of beautiful hair and hence often it was altered by chemicals into more straight hair. This, according to her meant that the cosmetology industry did not fully cater to the needs of the natural hair market.
“Our school will ensure that our courses intentionally cater teaching skills that are focused on natural hair,” assured Shilongo.

2021-02-17  Paheja Siririka

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