• April 22nd, 2019
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A reflection on morality decay


Major-General (retired) James Tjivikua There are many kinds of immorality and anti-social behaviours in our society that are legislated and coded as crimes and therefore widely known as repulsive acts. These include murder, rape - including statutory rape - assault, use and abuse of prohibited substances, just to mention a few. Immorality is the abandonment of practical discipline necessary for individuals and collective survival of the society. Thus, there’s nothing wrong for any elder to stand up and speak out about the nature of moral decay in our society. It’s a fact that our morals, especially among the youth, are in slow decay. Moral decay is what people label as beliefs that differ from conventional morality. Having sexual encounter with an underage girl is a case in point. It is a crime, a severe social blunder, a pervasive disorder, and it is disgusting. When people say these things and that society is breaking down due to moral degradation, they mean that people aren’t living like they should and we must accept it and change. Is it wrong for any parent to speak out against what is morally wrong in society? Arguably, parents in our country are not strict or capable these days as they were in the past, but frankly speaking, every parent is more concerned about the behaviours and quality of life of their children, than being parents by proxy. Hence, their influence in their children’s upbringing and in the way they think is key. It is mind boggling if you are seen to be dealing with your children in a normal and non-abusive way, and when a childless observer disagrees, than you are shamed, insulted, called names, ridiculed and so many things come into effect. What a faux pas, very sad day indeed. Parents are not cranky, they are normal. Moral degradation is an anti-social, contagious behavior that spreads to more and more people in a given circumstance and environment, and as parents we need to stop this. Therefore, I absolutely agree with the First Lady and do not see anything wrong in respect of what she said in addressing unwanted sexual relations between minors and adults. In closing, as parents, we are empowered with powerful brains to decide good and bad. Our conscience is clear that it filter and screen what is moral and what is not. Therefore, people have to tolerate others when there is a difference between individuals’ sense of morality and not to shame, insult and look down upon others. No one is infallible. Remember, moral degradation is a form of corruption.
New Era Reporter
2018-06-22 10:24:13 10 months ago

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