• April 19th, 2019
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‘A Thousand Miles’ to stage at COTA

Ocrhain Sampaya Windhoek-The College of Arts (COTA) and the Township Productions are storming the crowd with two nights never to be forgotten, November 18 and 19, hosting ‘A Thousand Miles’ at the College’s theatre. ‘A Thousand Miles’ is a tale that takes the audiences through a journey of inspiring and intriguing stories. It is a one-man act played by award-winning actor, director and producer, Jasen Mphepo. The play questions and provokes debate surrounding life’s challenges and successes. The play is centred around the story of Bernard Mabhena, who lived a full life and at 65, still strong and waking up every morning to go to work, spotting that jovial smile that everyone admired and which soothed many a heart. However, today we gather at his funeral to celebrate a life worth lived, Everyone who was related to him and those who knew him are there to pay their last respects. It so happens that before his judgment in Heaven, he asks to have a glimpse of what his funeral would be like. He is amazed at the things people say about him. This is not the first collaboration between COTA and Township Productions. Last year, they produced and staged two theatre productions namely ‘Madam President’, a play from Zambia written by John Katebe; and ‘A Dialogue between a Priest and a Dying Man’ by Marquis de Sade from France. Both productions were well received and appreciated by the audience.
New Era Reporter
2017-11-10 10:38:28 1 years ago

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