• July 14th, 2020

‘Abused’ victim refuses to implicate grandparents

The police in Ohangwena region said a 19-year-old woman, who claimed she was sexually exploited and abused by her close relatives, has refused to open assault cases against her grandparents. Instead, the woman opted to open three cases of rape against a relative and neighbour.
According to the regional crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Zacharia Amakali, four people including the grandparents of the victim, were taken in for questioning by the police. 
Amakali explained that two suspects - a cousin and a neighbour were initially arrested for rape. However, warning statements were obtained from them and later released while the State waits for direction from the prosecutor general. The grandparents were also arrested and released on warning. 

“The grandparents were just warned and released because since the victim refused to lay charges against them, the police cannot apprehend them. The two rape suspects were also released because they claimed that everything happened with the victim’s consent except the beating,” explained Amakali.
 He further explained that the third rape perpetrator was not arrested because he allegedly fled to Angola after committing the alleged crime.  The police said although the victim claimed she was repeatedly abused and assaulted by grandparents, she later changed her story, saying her grandparents were merely disciplining her when they organised for her to be beaten. 

“The victim refused to open a case of assault against the perpetrators, saying they are her close relatives and she took the beatings as part of being disciplined. We have no other option but to forward the docket for a decision,” explained Amakali. The victim has also told the police that she prefers to stay with a relative in Windhoek instead of staying in a house of safety arranged by the ministry of gender in the northern region. She claimed in an earlier interview with New Era that she has been forced to repeatedly sleep with her two cousins and a neighbour for the past two years.  – ljason@nepc.com.na

Loide Jason
2020-06-03 09:55:34 | 1 months ago

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