• September 24th, 2020

Accountant General 'Culturally Disturbed' by Transfer

By Kuvee Kangueehi WINDHOEK The Accountant General at the Ministry of Finance Maru Tjihumino who was reinstated on Monday after being on suspension for more than six months is facing a transfer. The Permanent Secretary of Finance Calle Schlettwein had informed Tjihumino that he had decided to transfer him to the post of Director of Administration, a position that became vacant recently after the passing away of one Shiimbi. Tjihumino told New Era yesterday that he received both letter of reinstatement and transfer last week Friday. "I am still puzzled whether I was reinstated because there was a new vacancy or because legally I was supposed to be reinstated." The Accountant General also noted that the transfer culturally disturbed him. "My late colleague was not buried yet and the Permanent Secretary was already appointing me in his position, it was a bit uncomfortable." He noted that he is still reconsidering the transfer because it is a totally new scope of work. "The responsibilities are different and it is more administrative as the new position will require me to deal with the tender board, government medical aid, human resources and financial services." He added that the responsibilities are now more as four deputy directors have to report to the Director of Administration. Tjihumino noted that despite the transfer being horizontal he would have to evaluate his own abilities before making a decision. "The PS claims that it's crucial for the Ministry to fill that position but if he does not trust me as he had suspended me, why is he giving such huge responsibilities?" Tjihumino also noted that he is in the dark regarding his position as the Chairman of the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF). Tjihumino excused himself from the Board of Directors while he was still under suspension but noted that he wrote a letter to the Public Service Commission that he is ready to take up the chairmanship again. Tjihumino was appointed by the Public Service Commission to the Board and currently Helmut Ruppel has been there in an acting capacity. Despite being reinstated, the charges against him are still standing and he will face a disciplinary hearing soon. The main charge against Tjihumino is that he operated, without the approval of the Prime Minister, a private agency or did private work for a company Namibian Horizon Transport, whilst in the employ of the public service. The second charge is that he conducted himself in a disgraceful, improper or unbecoming manner when he involved himself in financial dealings with Global Vision Trust and Circle Investments that caused embarrassment to the Government or the public service.
New Era Reporter
2006-03-13 00:00:00 | 14 years ago

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