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Achieving peace – an individual task first

2021-10-29  Staff Reporter

Achieving peace – an individual task first
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Karlos Naihmwhaka

In the world of turmoil, peace becomes an unusual and scarce commodity. Not only is this the case on a political and social level but even more so at a personal level.

It is hard to have peace within when every human activity is aimed at attaining everything external. It is hard to have and find anything within when the focus is merely on the satisfaction of something insatiable.

It is hard to find harmony in a society where there is no harmony at an individual level – thanks to the distraction of everything humankind prioritises at its own expense.

That is so much to the point that one accumulates everything externally – only to realise it has no meaning when they are finally faced with what truly matters.

It has always been interesting how humankind wishes for everything natural and basic, yet turns around and does everything to destroy it.

For centuries, organisations are established, seminars held, and resources mobilised all in the name of peace and harmony, yet the world knows no absolute peace.

This is, albeit, the fact that peace and harmony are innate; they are part of the nature of mankind, but mankind has more interests that destroy them through its systems of separation.

Could it be that there is something missing, or are we simply not learning from history, hence it keeps repeating itself?

Could it also be that the lasting solutions are obvious, but we have no interest, and they are not good for business?

In the absence of any sound guidance, one is deemed to assume that everything starts at the individual level first.

For a community, society or nation to have peace and harmony, it must be an individual quest first.

It must start with every member diving into finding peace within themselves.

This is because once found and practised at an individual level, it eventually spreads amongst all and becomes part of the way of living.

For too long, the tendency or belief has been that to achieve something, much time and vast amounts of resources must be spent.

Often, this is done without consideration of the root, and unless the root – not only of the cause but origin – is considered, any attempt to address the issue may be superficial. True lasting peace and harmony can only be achieved when it is an individual goal and achievement first.

If everyone attains peace and harmony within themselves, such goal and its achievement become that of the collective.



Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka

2021-10-29  Staff Reporter

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