• July 9th, 2020

AFRICAN PATHFINDER LEADERS INITIATIVE - The youth’s possible response to a crisis

“Crises when they occur have at least this advantage, that they force us to think” - Jawaharlal Nehru 
They say during a crisis, some people overreact, some have too much confidence that the crisis will pass just like others did, while, some people never seem to care at all.  But all along, history has taught us again and again that - those that play safe often if not always emerge secured.

The Covid-19 has descended indeed at a very wrong time, not that there is a correct time for such, but its cause for schools and universities to close has caused a mess.  School takes up much of the young’s time and they are now closed, and not only school but many important events that would have added needed value to the young have also been called off.  The traditional learning space has actually dried up. However, it is important to note that while many ‘physical’ places are closed, the virtual world is very much alive.

At APLI, we believe in raising a generation of champions, responsible leaders and change makers within our communities. We also believe in the ability to see opportunities and capitalise on them regardless of the situation we are in, as long as it is within the ambits of the law and it is safe. The virus has brought so much panic, a sea of misinformation and fear fueling news everyday. The young at this point have so much time to accurately read up on this viral pandemic, fact check chain messages and ensure that their families and communities are correctly informed.

What we have however seen is that the young are rather running the fake news and fueling misinformation - as APLI, we believe this is not the time to do such but rather to ensure the Namibian house and the world with whom we are responsible to is rather safe, and not add unnecessary fuel to the fire.
In terms of school, the web presents us with a broad index of learning platforms, such that when the virus clears, we ought to have read and acquired so much knowledge to continue and score big when school re-opens.

They say an idle mind [and idle hands] are the devil’s playground, as the young, we advise that as the young, let us keep ourselves engaged in productive work. For example, while we have this free time, it is now the right time to pick up that book you have always wanted to read. Side note, the Cambridge University Press has opened up a larger part of their online library to the entire world. 

It is time to watch that documentary and be inspired more to pursue your career goals than ever. It is also the best time to learn about crisis management, observe how governments around the world are reacting to the crisis and how they are managing it.

It is time to learn how important unity is, and note how isolation and the inability to embrace the ones we love and care about can hurt, this then can at least teach us that we ought to always care for each other and not wait to be taught that by a certain crisis.

Michelle Dean once said, crisis forces commonality of purpose on one another, and in light of the above, this is true.  On a lighter note, even in crisis, people still need entertainment, so watch that movie and have that great time with family.
We normally give APLI hugs, but due to social distancing, let’s do that elbow thing. Cheers, until next time.

Staff Reporter
2020-03-24 08:10:08 | 3 months ago

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