• July 16th, 2019
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African Skincare


African women have been using natural ingredients since ancient history to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin. Let’s take a look at some indigenous products that are used in various African skincare regimens. Cleansing Black soap is a natural skin cleanser that is made by combining peels of plantain, shea butter and assorted natural botanicals. Originating from Ghana and Nigeria, this cleanser is a remedy for acne and skin inflammation. When it comes to Ethiopian women, they attribute their supple, blemish-free skin to honey. Known for its antimicrobial qualities, honey can be used to cleanse the skin by gently scrubbing it on damp skin then rinsing it off with water. Moisturising Zimbabwean women keep their skin hydrated and silky smooth with a vegetable called okra containing vitamin A, which is vital for healthy skin. They collect some fresh okra and soften it in a boiling pot, after it cools, it is mashed up into an oily cream that is applied to the face as a moistening mask. The San from Southern Africa use diluted rooibos to heal eczema and skin allergies. This natural herb contains antioxidants, anti-aging enzymes, minerals and vitamins that are needed for nourished and vibrant skin. Body Painting Namibian Himba women are well known for smearing their bodies with otjize. This traditional paste is a mixture of ochre pigment and butterfat which gives their skin tones a reddish appearance. Otjize serves as a protective layer from the harsh climate and also as a mosquito repellent. The Mursi tribe of East Africa's Great Rift Valley use white limestone, red ochre, grey ash and clay deposits to create their body paint which works as an insecticide and also prevents sunburn. Skin Fragrance Uunsi is a traditional beauty custom used by Somali women to perfume their skin. A fragrant smoke is created by burning frankincense, sandalwood and natural oils on top of coal. The ladies sit around this aromatic smoke and allow it to cloak their skin and clothing which gives them a sensual perfumed scent. www.beautyndapanda.com Sources: www.afyaorganics.com, www.joannavargas.com
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