• July 8th, 2020

Afro Da Soul rebrands, releases new single

WINDHOEK - Elton Francisco Louw, now known as Afro Da Soul, recently released a new single titled ‘Angel’. The song is a fusion of afro, pop and deep house elements, which is about a lady who did not have much to offer in life but met a guy who chose her for who she was despite all the difficulties she was facing.
Louw said he changed his stage name from DJ 2Piece to Afro Da Soul because he mostly plays that kind of music. “The new name represents the new identity and me as an Afro soul-deep house DJ,” said.

Afro Da Soul is working on his first album, which has no official release date yet, but he plans to release the project in 2020.

He informed Entertainment Now! that the genre is very popular in and around the social circles, hence him venturing into it. “The Namibian market does have an appetite for it, but it’s a handful that understands it very well. That’s why it’s my purpose to contribute the hand in grooming the masses,” he said.

He believes that Afro soul music is very popular all around the world and it is unique for its fusion of Afro-pop elements that are soulful and at the same time put you in the groove. In his opinion, Afro soul music is the past, the present and the future.

Afro Da Soul has been in the music business for 12 years now with an impressive resume to his name from working with the likes of Mr Style (The Hit Maker) from South Africa, Mano Tsotsi and Nelson Tivane from Mozambique. He has also worked with local artists Matongo Family, Rosevida and Oom Puff.

Going forward, Afro Da Soul said he would be working with TS Media, House Guru Gang, angelic vocalist Rosevida, DJ Sky, Mano Tsotsi and DJ Tarico from Mozambique, Coolaid Studio, Mr Style from SA and many more. 

“I will be working with various artists and producers locally and internationally,” he said.  
‘Angel’ was written by vocalist Rosevida and produced by Coolaid Studio and him. It is available for download on all digital music platforms worldwide.


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