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/Ai-/Ais Hotsprings and Spa set to open soon

2021-04-08  Staff Reporter

/Ai-/Ais Hotsprings and Spa set to open soon
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Namibia Wildlife Resorts Limited (NWR) closed its /Ai-/Ais Hotsprings and Spa on 11 January 2021 after it experienced flash floods that resulted in the rivers along the resort overflowing, causing damage to the resort and its campsites. NWR initially anticipated the rehabilitation work on the resort being finalised before 1 April 2021, but due to ongoing internal processes, the resort will remain closed until 30 April 2021 and is scheduled to open on 1 May 2021.  

NWR noted it is cognisant of the number of travellers that frequent the resort, especially those that undertake the Fish River Canyon Hike. 

“This is why our internal team has conducted minor renovations to some of the areas with the limited resources at our disposal. It is just unfortunate that the camping sites were badly affected and will thus remain closed once we open,” said Mufaro Nesongano, NWR corporate communications, online media and sponsorships manager.

Moreover, Matthias Ngwangwama, NWR managing director, stated that: “We greatly appreciate the understanding of our guests who had their bookings moved to later periods. We, however, are working hard internally to have the areas that we can fix done before we welcome them from 1 May 2021. At the same time, we will continue with the internal processes to finalise the rest at a later period.” 

/Ai-/Ais, which means ‘fire’ or ‘burning water’ in Namibia’s Khoekhoegowab language, is situated in southern Namibia’s //Karas region at the base of the Great Karas Mountains, about 128 kilometres West of Karasburg and 224 kilometres South-West of Keetmanshoop. The /Ai-/Ais Hotsprings and Spa is located in the /Ai-/Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park near Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world and the main attraction in the southern part of the country. The Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail is also ranked as one of the best hiking trails in southern Africa.

2021-04-08  Staff Reporter

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