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Alleged minor rape victim sues State

2022-05-12  Maria Amakali

Alleged minor rape victim sues State

A 16-year-old girl is suing the State after she was allegedly assaulted by the police, who claim she lied about some details of being abducted and sexually violated.

In her suit, brought forth by her guardian, the teenage girl claims she was assaulted in public by a police officer for deception and lying. She claims that on 26 July last year, while she was in front of Tuhingireni Cash and Carry supermarket in Rundu, Kenya Shigwedha, a police officer, stationed at the gender-based violence unit, approached her and slapped her three times across her face. 

The assault allegedly resulted in the minor crying and admitting to having lied and deceived the police, social worker and medical personnel. 

According to her, she lied because she was threatened by the man, who had abducted and raped her multiple times.

She claims the assault occurred in full view of the public, and her self-esteem and body integrity were hurt. 

Furthermore, she could not sleep for seven days after the incident occurred, and was subjected to loss of amenities.

“The said assault was intended to demean, threaten, scare and instil fear in the plaintiff,” reads her court documents. 

She said Shigwedha, as a police officer, is duty-bound to protect minors.

Thus, her right to dignity was violated as a result of the inhumane treatment she received from the said police officer. 

She seeks payment in the amount of N$200 000 from the ministry of safety and security for the alleged assault.

The ministry has indicated its intention to oppose the lawsuit.

The matter will be before judge Thomas Masuku on 2 June for case management. 


*The identities of the minor and that of her guardian cannot be disclosed to protect the identity of the rape victim.


2022-05-12  Maria Amakali

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