• June 26th, 2019
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Allow us to purchase multiple Aweh products once-off

I would like to start off by expressing my appreciation for the highly cost-effective, convenient and easy access to mobile connectivity offered by your Aweh product. It is especially of great value to lower income bracket persons, who cannot afford to purchase mobile contracts. However, I think that often people are only able to purcha se Aweh products at the end of their pay cycle and for the rest of the month limit their cell phone usage to the minimum, not because they necessarily want to, but because their financial situation may force them to. Not only does this limit access to mobile telecommunication experiences, but I believe that it reduces potential revenue benefits for MTC. In addition, I find that friends and family who cannot afford to stay connected throughout the month sometimes feel ashamed. Their sense of being “poor’’ is stressed in this instance. Hence the following suggestions: MTC should please adapt the current Aweh offer to enable customers to purchase Aweh products for more than seven days, but pay more it once-off and in advance. The idea is then that the next Aweh cycle immediately kicks in when the current one expires. This offers the potential to further add convenience to your service and will certainly be popular among the people. The following instruction for purchasing is suggested (example): #2 Aweh indicates that the client wants to purchase an Aweh product for two consecutive weeks. In other words, once the instruction is made and payment subtracted, the client will have the current Aweh offer for seven days, as well as for the following seven which follows as soon as the Aweh offer for the first seven days expires. This can be applied to the various Aweh products already on offer. The number of weeks can be more, depending on the clients’ needs, but could be limited to four weeks to assist those who are strongly dependent on a regular monthly pay cycle. Just think how this may, for instance, help a small-scale entrepreneur who works with the smallest margins. In communities with very high alcohol consumption rates this can reduce the amount of money that people have available to spend on alcohol. Finally, to maintain mobile connectedness, as you may be aware, is also about people’s image and sense of self-worth. I see that this product can assist in this regard too. WG Eiman Keetmanshoop
New Era Reporter
2017-11-24 09:45:28 1 years ago

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