• July 8th, 2020

America’s Buzz Music.com praises ML

WINDHOEK - According to Buzz Music.com our very own ML is a force to be reckoned with.
ML, who released her second studio album titled ‘Independence Day’ last year, has not missed a beat in promoting the project while releasing visuals consistently.

She’s just released her latest music video titled ‘Ndota’, which had garnered 15 084 views by the time of going to print. ‘Ndota’ is an African traditional game played in the village by most tribes in Namibia.
While ML was in the States, on an official trip, a colleague found out that she does music and started sharing the information with other colleagues at the Google office where they were attending a meeting.

“So suddenly, the whole team was surrounding the phone checking out my video ‘Ndota’. From there, the colleagues from America were so excited and loved it so much they started sharing it on their network and subscribing to my YouTube channel,” she said.  

She said so much online streams have been rooting for her like iTunes and Spotify, with YouTube the most powerful weapon to get her music to the people. 

After spending years managing kwaito artist, Exit, ML took her time sharpening her skills behind the scenes and studied the music industry with an eagle’s eye.

She informed Entertainment Now! that her decision to stop managing the 2019 male artist of the year was by mutual agreement. 

“I had agreed with him, and myself, that I was gonna push him for a while. When I could also. I actually took off like two years between managing him and getting into the studio to work on my full project. Everything came easy as it’s driven by passion,” she explained.

She also emphasized that the market outside is so big and there is an opportunity to cast one’s net wide. 
“You know what they say, the world is your oyster. So, of the seven billion [people] in the world, if you can capture even two million that’s equivalent to my country’s population. And yes, Namibian music is missing in the world market so the idea to position,” she said. 

ML is working on her third album with a possibility of releasing it this year if not definitely in March 2020. She thanked everybody for showing her support and urged anyone who wants to hear her music to follow her music on social media. On IG & Twitter @aameML, YouTube username is ML Namibia.


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2019-10-14 06:46:49 | 8 months ago

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