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Amukena’s hard work pays the bills

2021-10-06  Staff Reporter

Amukena’s hard work pays the bills
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Terence Mukasa


Hairdresser and nail technician Ronel Amukena (27) lives her life through business in a world that requires mental strength, endurance and good time management.

She started doing hairdressing and manicuring in her high school days as a means to sustain herself. 

“I was at a school where there was no hostel, so I had to seek accommodation for myself, buy food and pay for my own transport,” she told Youth Corner.

Her then school, Sesheke Senior Secondary School, is 100 kilometres from Katima Mulilo, which made it hard to meet up with clients in town. At times, she would meet clients during weekends, and end up missing school on Mondays and sometimes Tuesdays. 

The passion for doing hair and nails began at a tender age, said Amukena, adding that she used to help her mother in the beauty industry.

Just last month, she graduated in acrylics training from the Kiwi Nailbar and Spa.

Amukena, who is a first-year education student at the University of Namibia, also sells fruit and vegetables that she imports from Zambia and South Africa in Tsumeb, Otavi and Windhoek’s Stop and Shop Market.

“Selling fruit and vegetables at large is very beneficial because the income I receive caters for my day-to-day needs, including food and paying bills.” 

The hardworking Amukena stated that she is in the process of starting agriculture farming in Katima Mulilo so that she does not have to import from the neighbouring countries.

She proudly revealed that she is now financially wise and has self-motivation, saying: “You do not have to depend on anyone all the time. You need to make the impossible happen”.

Amukena admitted though that she sometimes struggles with time management, because “school has its never-ending academic stress”. 

The Covid-19 pandemic restrictions also heavily impacted her small business because borders were closed and gathering restrictions minimised her nail and hair business operations.

However, she is currently bouncing back, and profits are growing little by little.


2021-10-06  Staff Reporter

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