• June 19th, 2019
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Amupanda ‘not scared’ after office break-in

WINDHOEK - Affirmative Repositioning (AR) leader and land activist Job Amupanda whose office at the University of Namibia was found broken into yesterday morning said the break-in did not surprise him. He maintained that the strange incident does not scare him one bit.

Amupanda says being an activist comes with a cost – which could include cowardly attacks on his office.
Yesterday morning the University of Namibia political science senior lecturer received a call that that his aluminum office door was broken down. Amupanda said nothing was taken from the office.

“I was still at home when I got a call in the morning that they broke down the whole (office) door. There are footprints -indicating the person was inside.”

“We are still checking and verifying. We are going to screen the office, maybe they installed devices,” Amupanda remarked.
Just last month, Amupanda was allegedly attacked by a middle-aged man who stormed into his office and threatened to kill him.

It is alleged that in another separate incident, Amupanda was informed by his secretary that someone wielding a knife came by the office while he (Amupanda) was away.

Following yesterday’s incident, Amupanda posted on social media: “They came to break into my office, at the university. They are trying everything in their power. Still I remain undeterred.”

Asked if he feared for his life, the 31-year-old said: “Whoever comes should be prepared. I don’t fear anything because, look, you can die of anything. You can put it on record - those dogs better know that when they come, they will find someone prepared. Of course they will intimidate you - just to be scared and start abusing beer in Greenwell [Matongo]”.
In addition, Amupanda said the university had made a commitment that they were going to provide a security guard but have not done so to date.


Selma Ikela
2018-10-23 09:06:10 7 months ago

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