• July 5th, 2020

Ann Singer finally reveals ‘Sanity’ after a 3-year hiatus

WINDHOEK - Ann Singer finally released her second sophomore 12-tracked album titled ‘Sanity’.
 She started recording the album late last year, which took her several months of many sleepless nights in the studio.

 “I had to juggle so many other things. Being a mum, a student, having to manage myself as well and constantly having to try and find motivation and drive, it was a ride” she said.

 Last year was quite busy for her, travelling to Azerbaijan in Europe to perform and to Nairobi to attend the ACCESS conference, as well as recording ‘Sanity’, took a toll on her. 

 Earlier this year, while she was busy with her hectic schedule, she suffered from severe depression that led her to cut her wrist with a blade. “I was overwhelmed by so many things that this led to a meltdown. I didn’t seek professional help but I overcame my episode. It’s not something I would wish on anyone, not even on my worst enemy but I’m glad I’m still here today and able to share my experience with the rest of the world,” she confessed.

 The multiple award-winning songstress recently parted ways with South African label, Mabala Noise, after her contract ended, which she added was an experience worthwhile. “Being signed to such a major record label exposed me to so much and opened up my mind in many ways. It also was confirmation for me that I have the potential to make it out there. One of my biggest highlights with them was my performance with them at the Durban July 2017,” she said. 

 Her new independent project is under no record label and she is very happy to be at this very point in her career. She has collaborated with artists from Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.
 The production of ‘Sanity’ was taken care of by Glo, Joe Kay and a Jaleel produced track.

She concluded by saying that she is an advocate for mental health and has done many projects around it. “Having gone through depression, I thought why not write a song about my experience. People tend to dehumanise us as artists as well and just the pressure of having to cope with being in the public eye can be very stressful. There is a song on that album titled ‘Sanity’ and that’s how I got to the album title ‘Sanity’,” she ended.

She promised her fans that the album would be available next week as there was a bit of a delay in printing the copies in South Africa.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-11-08 09:52:28 | 7 months ago

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