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Anna the crocheter

2022-04-25  Staff Reporter

Anna the crocheter
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Wilhelmina Iimene 


Many young people are keeping themselves busy, trying to make a living for themselves to avoid the daunting questions of “who can employ me now”. 

Counted among those trying to secure the bag is Annastasia Aindongo, who is running ‘Crochets by Annah’ since 2020.

Although she started crocheting in grade 9, the self-driven 22-year-old crocheter told VIBEZ! that back then, she used to make scarfs, tiny bags or cellphone pouches, but used to laugh at herself because the creations were not that good looking. 

Her interest in crocheting was ignited in 2020 when her friends showed her pictures of what other crocheters have created. This fuelled her interest and passion to intensify her crocheting. 

She now crochets clothing and accessories such as shoulder bags and pouches for both men, women, children and even babies. Her designs are suitable for all occasions. 

Aindongo’s business, which she said felt like a dream at first, turned out pretty amazing and successful. For this, she credits her support system that always brings the greatness out of her. 

“Kala Crochet is one of the crocheters who really inspire me. I am grateful to my family for supporting me in anything I needed that relate to my business. Toini Shikulo and Beverly Davis are the few people who have pushed me to where I am today, and I will always be indebted to their support and words of encouragement,” she said.  Apart from the income she gets from her business, Aindongo said crocheting is a fun activity that keeps her relaxed and stress-free. She also does cultural dances.

Her motivation to keep doing what she does stems from clients’ or friends’ compliments on her work. 

The Unam third-year education student is currently running her business alone, but hopes to work with a team in years to come. 

With a lot of people taking up crocheting as a business or hobby, she said what stands out for her is that most of her designs are always created from the heart, and she creates designs that appeal to her. 

With that, she advised people in a similar business line to always be unique.

“Never try to compete with other people’s businesses. We all do things differently and we all have our unique ways of doing things. Let that person or business you want to compete with motivate you instead,” she said. 

Comparison is indeed the thief of joy and people in business should rather be inspired or motivated by others, instead of feeling like other people are in competition with them. 

Crochets by Anna can be found on Instagram as @crochets_by _annah or 0814883447. 

2022-04-25  Staff Reporter

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