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Another Fine Day to leave you in stitches

2021-03-05  Strauss Lunyangwe

Another Fine Day to leave you in stitches
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Another Fine Day is a good old comedy in the vein of Saturday Night Live and our very own One Fine Day that is still arguably the most popular TV series in post-independent Namibia. Times have changed, and this production will be presented on modern multi-media platforms, encompassing traditional television, radio as well as online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tick Tok. 

Byron Joseph, the producer and editor of the comedy series, told Entertainment Now! that comedy serves a social purpose and that it allows people to laugh in the face of adversity – and in these trying times of the pandemic, poverty, violence and corruption, our people even need it more.

“The disruptions to our normal way of life caused by the pandemic and the mitigating measures, such as isolation and lockdown, have also resulted in an evolution in the way in which people consume cultural and creative content.”

Building on the popularity of the original One Fine Day TV series, Another Fine Day will incorporate modern distribution and marketing platforms and outputs that will allow the show to have a much greater impact and reach in the local market and beyond.

As the pandemic has disrupted the livelihoods of actors, Joseph believes monetising local content is an important step in creating a sustainable entertainment industry as part of Namibia’s cultural and creative industries.

“This will help to alleviate the economic plight of our people through job creation – but more importantly, to also uplift the psyche of our nation with laughter in the face of adversity,” he explained.

The cast will include a selection of veteran Namibian actors as well as some of the most promising new talent and content creators. The series is also collaborating with existing comedy franchises, such as the Free Your Mind comedy movement, Bernice and Patrick, Tura se Grapjasse, Norman Job and many more to ensure they create authentic homegrown content with an international appeal.

Joseph feels laughter has a direct beneficial impact on a person’s health. 

It doesn’t only make you feel good but it also increases your white blood cell count.

“So this is actually a public service we are rendering…but of course, it’s not as important as what our Health Workers are doing on the frontlines of this fight against the pandemic. We see and appreciate your sacrifice and dedication. We can’t raise all your salaries, which you deserve, but at least you can have a laugh with us, to brighten up your day… This is Another Fine Day!,” he concluded.

With two episodes already released, the team will produce 14 other episodes for season one in excess of 80 short comedy skits, including satire, pranks and user-generated content. 

They will also be approaching local TV and radio stations to come onboard as broadcast partners. After it has aired in Namibia, they will distribute content regionally to SADC, SABA and beyond.


2021-03-05  Strauss Lunyangwe

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