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Aochamub opens up about Covid-19 diagnosis

2020-03-27  Selma Ikela

Aochamub opens up about Covid-19 diagnosis
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Namibian Ambassador to France Albertus Aochamub, who earlier tested positive for coronavirus, says he is making great progress and responding well to treatment. 

In an interview with New Era, Aochamub added he has not developed any secondary infections since his admission at a Paris hospital on 16 March. He said the treatment entails a concoction of antiviral drugs and a bout of antibiotics to treat pneumonia. 

“Plenty rest and allowing the body’s immune system to go the full mild in the battle with the virus,” he said, adding he followed all instructions to be at this point of recovery. Aochamub shared with New Era that on 11 March, he developed a high fever and terrible stomach cramps. He was not coughing, or had a sore throat neither was he sneezing.  

He said doctors could not test him initially when he went to the hospital on 13 March because the symptoms were not typical of the virus and they checked for everything else, including malaria.
“Sunday evening (15 March) fever hit 41 degree Celsius and that is when I went back to the hospital and insisted on being tested where after confirmation was received on Monday and I was subsequently committed to hospital,” he narrated. He said his release from hospital would depend on the full assessment the doctor will make. France is one of the European countries considered a high-risk nation. 

The country has over 25 000 confirmed cases and over 1 300 deaths thus far. The Namibian diplomat said prior to testing positive for the virus, he has been attending public functions and cannot determine how and where exactly he contracted it. 

He added that a successful national battle would involve each individual citizen following the advice given by the national task team. Aochamub further applauded Namibia’s response stating is as best as he has seen of any nation even compared to wealthy and powerful countries. “Central leadership of the president is very exemplary and give us all the necessary comfort that this matter is a national priority,” he said. 
“So as citizens let us listen and follow directives to the letter. Let us not get sidetracked by the people parading as having magic cures of ginger, onion, lemon and whatever concoctions. Those types of people are dangerous and should be summarily rounded up and removed from society because they are creating false hopes in time of great desperation by many. We don’t need distraction away from a focus on planned simple advice by the health officials.” 

Namibia has so far seven confirmed cases. Three Namibians, including a 21-year-old student who returned from South Africa, a 44-year-old male pilot and a 19-year-old man who returned to the country on 18 March from London, are among the country’s confirmed cases. 
Government has since announced strict measures to contain the further spread including imposing a 21-day lockdown starting tomorrow. 


2020-03-27  Selma Ikela

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